The European Neighbourhood Watch Association (EUNWA) is a fully self-financed, non-profit organisation established in June 2014 under the Austrian Law. In October 2021 its General Secretariat was established in Venice, operating under Italian law.

EUNWA's mission is to act as a network, connecting, from various European countries, Neighbourhood Watch associations and similar organizations that pursue crime prevention and promote the dialogue between citizens, law enforcement agencies and local and national institutions. We also support organizations that would develop the Neighbourhood Watch program in their countries.

Our long term effort aims to extend our network across the European countries, establishing and maintening relations with national and international organizations, scientific and accademic institutions, media, business communities and the pubblic.

Our day by day activities are promoting the dialogue among the members of our network, facilitating their cross-learning opportunities and collect and disseminate the know-how and the best practises through periodical meeting and  digital publications.



EUNWA Board meets periodically to manage EUNWA’s associative life and decide its development strategies. The Board is supported by an Advisory Board, composed of various professional figures from different European countries.

On 16 October 2021 in Venice, new members of the EUNWA Board were integrated during the constitution of the General Secretariat.

The current components are:

Karl Brunnbauer - Honorary President

Leonardo Campanale - President

Carlotta Gavagnin - Vice-president

Roberta Bravi - Vice President

Mauro Bardi - Vice-president

Download EUNWA presentation

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